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Winston-Salem Open 2017 tennis tournament?

I just moved to Winston and a friend told me that a 250 level ATP tournament is now being hosted here. Is that true? I thought the week before the US Open was the New Haven, Connecticut tournament that James Blake used to always attend? Are they both happening at the same time? – Justin …

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Where can I buy Winston-Salem Open tennis tickets?

So for some reason I thought Winston-Salem Open tickets for the ATP tournament in August were available on the Wake Forest Athletics site, but I can’t find them. Could you guys please point me in the right direction? Really looking forward to seeing Sam Querry since he had such a great run at Wimbledon!

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Winston-Salem Open ATP Tennis Tournament?

I just moved to Winston and heard there’s an ATP tennis tournament here, 250 level I believe? What caliber players typically show up for this? I heard Andy Roddick was here during the first couple years, and more recently John Isner? Lastly, what/ where is the best place to get a deal on tickets? – Jon …

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Best Spots for Sledding?

It seems like every January we miss the ball and all the sleds get sold out as soon as there’s some serious snow in the forecast. But not this year! We got a steal at Costco for $16.99 each :-). A friend also picked one up at Omega sports, but said there were only a …

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Best Place to Find Part-Time Jobs in Winston Salem NC?

Hi there! I’m new to the Triad and looking for part-time employment in Winston-Salem. I have primarily a technical background, but also some administrative and marketing experience. I’m aware of all the national, large-scale job boards, but I’m wondering if there are any local communities that I could network myself into?

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What Kind of Museums Does Winston Salem Offer?

Hi there, I’m new to the Triad area and I’m looking to dive into the arts and culture in Winston-Salem. Specifically, I’m curious if there are any listings of museums in Winston-Salem, NC? Ideally I would like to compile a list of a large variety of museums ranging from those featuring exhibits of local artists to …

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