Our news category covers timely events, such as new restaurant openings, local environmental events (such as a fire or flood), new business openings, and even the release of a new ice cream flavor at one of our many gelateria’s.

Lidl Winston-Salem is Opening This Month

Lidl Winston-Salem outside entrance

German grocery store chain Lidl is opening 100 stores across the U.S. in the coming year, with 20 in North Carolina this summer, and one in Winston-Salem on June 15, 2017. Pronounced “LEE-dil,” rhyming with “needle,” the European-style grocery store boasts prices half that of some grocery stores…

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Winston Salem Dell Plant Closing

Winston-Salem Dell Plant

Dell received $281 million in local and state incentives when it decided to locate its manufacturing plant in Forsyth County in 2005. The agreement was for Dell to invest an additional $100 million and to create 1700 jobs by September 2010. It was supposed to maintain these jobs for at least a decade longer (until …

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Google Coming to Winston-Salem?

Google is currently seeking testing towns in which to invest $500 million worth of High Speed broadband technology. This means homes and businesses will have access to an Internet connection that offers speeds up to 100 times those of what you’re surfing with today. Not to mention the business and press this could potentially bring Winston-Salem. …

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Winston-Salem is “Cheapest City for Expensive Living”

Winston-Salem Skyline at Dusk

Our beloved twin city is #18, and the only city in the United States represented on Bloomberg Business Week’s list of 26 of the world’s “Cheapest Cities for Expensive Living” (ie. highest lifestyle for the lowest cost). Winston-Salem on the Map Here’s some of the stats listed in the article: No. 18 Cheapest City for Expensive Living: …

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Wildfire on Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain Fire

Approximately 800 acres of Pilot Mountain State Park have been burned so far in what was originally a controlled, or “prescribed” burn that began Thursday morning. The prescribed burn was intended to burn only 180 acres. Embers from the fire “jumped the line” and quickly grew out of control. First photo taken Saturday, November 10, …

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