Best Spots for Sledding?

It seems like every January we miss the ball and all the sleds get sold out as soon as there’s some serious snow in the forecast. But not this year! We got a steal at Costco for $16.99 each :-). A friend also picked one up at Omega sports, but said there were only a handful left. From the forecast, it looks like we’re going to get between 3 and 9 inches! The kiddos, pups and I are ready for action! I’d love to hear from the local sledding aficionados what the best sledding spots in Winston-Salem are?

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Neil Gargis (Admin)
Wiley Middle school is very popular – fast but with a bump (kicker) at the bottom that can send you airborne. Dash bowl (downtown by the Dash baseball stadium) can get really fast. You go all the way across the parking lot in the right conditions (like last year). It’s smooth(ish) too so not too bumpy.