Dewey’s Bakery & Blue Ridge Ice Creams Make a “Sweet” Union

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Dewey's Bakery Blue Ridge Ice Creams wedding cake

Two longtime Winston-Salem favorite brands have united in the “sweet” marriage of Dewey’s Bakery and Blue Ridge Ice Creams. Dewey’s Bakery, Inc. announced today during a “ribbon tying” that the company has acquired Blue Ridge Ice Creams, uniting two of Winston-Salem’s most beloved brands. Mayor Allen Joines was on hand to perform the ceremony of their “tying the knot” of two ribbons, one length printed with “Dewey’s Bakery”, the other with “Blue Ridge Ice Creams”. The businesses are now operating under one roof in the Dewey’s Bakery location at Thruway Shopping Center at 262 South Stratford Road in Winston-Salem.

Blue Ridge Ice Creams

Blue Ridge Ice Creams has been serving their hand-made frozen treats for nearly 25 years. “Now, you can double your pleasure!” said Blue Ridge Ice Creams creator, Debbie Lee.

Dewey's cake pink lemonade blue ridge ice creamFavorites & A New Flavor

As in the past, Blue Ridge Ice Creams will be serving about 20 flavors each day on a rotating basis in the new location. The newest outcome of the union is Pink Lemonade ice cream, complete with chunks of Dewey’s famous pink lemonade cake and frosting. Other flavors that will be served include Dewey’s Moravian Spice Cookie ice cream and Dewey’s Moravian Sugar Cookie ice cream, Dulce de Leche and Tupelo Honey gelato, among others.

Store Remodel

Dewey's Bakery Blue Ridge Ice Creams sign

The announcement of the union coincided with the remodel of Dewey’s Bakery store at the Thruway location. The remodel created increased space for a refrigerated case of offerings like cheesecakes and ice cream cakes, as well as allowing for additional in-store seating, which includes eight tables.

More New Offerings

Dewey’s Bakery Thruway location will now have more of an overall bakery and soda shop feel, with the Blue Ridge Ice Creams, floats, malts and milkshakes, old-fashioned soda fountain offerings, new, locally roasted coffee and espresso and café seating.

Dewey’s History

Since Dewey’s Bakery opened in 1930, it has been baking local traditional favorites such as Moravian Sugar Cake, Grandma and Grandpa Coffee Cakes, and Moravian Lovefeast Buns. It was the area’s first all-electric Bakery and focused on treasured Moravian baked goods. Dewey’s has continued to make favorites over the years, including its popular Moravian spice cookies and pink lemonade cake.

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