Why You Love Winston-Salem

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Recently we asked our readers via our Facebook and Twitter pages what they love most about Winston-Salem. I mean we know you love it or you would not be a part of our community – both real and virtual – but getting to the why people choose to live and stay here is the heart of this question.

Let’s share our reasons (no sales pitches please) and feel free to leave a comment below with your “Why I love Winston-Salem” response – we would love to hear from each and every one of you!

Why Do You Love Winston-Salem?

Why Do You Love Winston-Salem

The Reasons to Love WS Abound

Suzy F. says, “There’s a great balance of things to do for families but also offers a downtown and cultural experience for fun without the kids.” (August 2013)

Melissa V. says, “Great parks and playgrounds to take the kiddos too.” (August 2013)

Kirby C. says, “I love how my neighborhood is very walkable and that I even have a neighborhood bistro where I can meet with friends. (August 2013)

Rick H say, “Patio seating for nearly all the best restaurants. Makes for great weekday break or weekend relaxation.” (May 2013)

Gina M. says, “Camel City Carriage Co. to take a slower look at things…possibly with a bottle of wine!!!” (May 2013)

Alex S. says, “A great blend of nature, downtown arts, restaurant & bar scene, easy parking, not much traffic, and plenty to do outdoors year round. Most importantly though, the people are friendly and take their time to live life a day at a time. (May 2013)

Joann W. says, “Hardly any traffic. You can get just about anywhere you need to go in under 30 minutes! Along those lines, you seldom deal with long waits at restaurants or stores. In general, people smile at you when you pass them on the street and the sun shines more often than it does not! I also think it has a lot of great educational opportunities within commuting distance whether you are a full time student or pursuing a degree in the evenings. There are so many places to further your degrees and education to help advance your career.” (May 2013)

Ellen D. says, “Local talent, local beer and wine, great people, less traffic. You can drive from one side of Winston-Salem to the other in 15 minutes. Love it here! Affordable housing and good education.” (May 2013)

Moving to Winston-Salem

If you are looking to move to Winston-Salem because you now have reinforcement that this indeed an awesome place to live, feel free to reach out to a local Realtor to gain more perspective on the area and get started on your hunt for your next home.

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You can also checkout our neighborhoods overview and moving checklist to help you out with the details.

Share Your Why

We know you’ve got your own reasons for loving Winston-Salem, NC, and we want to here them! Please leave a comment below with your “Why I love Winston-Salem” answer so you can share it with us and the world!

About The Author:

Born right here in Winston-Salem, NC, at Forsyth Memorial Hospital, Michelle is a native. At age one she moved to Virginia but after spending 30+ years moving around Virginia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, California and even Paris, France, Michelle returned home to Winston-Salem in 2004. A job at Hanes brought her here but the heart of the city has kept her here.

Her favorite things about Winston-Salem are its welcoming people who call it home, its art-centric culture, and its perfect location at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains and a short drive to the beaches of the Atlantic. The lack of traffic is a pretty tremendous asset as well, especially since it gives her more free time to enjoy cooking and playing with her dogs, Lily and Barley. Michelle is one of the many residents of this great city who are thrilled to call this "My Winston-Salem"!

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Alex Schenker
September 5, 2013 2:02 pm

What I love about Winston-Salem at the moment is downtown!! 4th St keeps growing, and more and more people are bustling about and patio dining is exploding. There’s nothing I like more than grabbing a nice latte from Camino’s after a good workout at the Yoga Gallery on Trade St 🙂

October 30, 2013 11:20 am
Reply to  Alex Schenker

Downtown is my favorite too, Alex! Just last night I had dinner, went to the opera and then had cheesecake and a glass of wine before grabbing a gallon of milk, all on the same block!

Alex Schenker
October 31, 2013 8:20 pm
Reply to  Kristi_Marion

I’m guessing you grabbed that gallon of milk at the new Washington Perk grocery store across from Camino Bakery? Love the location and very excited to see a grocery store finally available to downtown residents 🙂 Also very nice that they stock dairy and meats from local farms. Not to mention their ginormous beer fridge 😉

Kristi Marion
November 1, 2013 6:38 pm
Reply to  Alex Schenker

Actually, I picked it up at Camino Bakery! But Washington Perk grocery does have a wide local selection and deli!