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Nestled between the Blue Ridge mountains and the nearby cities of Charlotte and Raleigh is Winston-Salem, NC. A vibrant city with a rich history, it offers the arts, cultural experiences, historical reenactments, fine dining, community events, and sports, and MyWinston-Salem.com is there to bring it all to you.

Highlights from our site include restaurant and business reviews, city services, parks and recreation, travel tips, local news, local celebrity profiles, history, neighborhoods, and more.

Bailey Park and Downtown Skyline in Winston Salem NC
Bailey Park and Downtown Skyline in Winston-Salem, NC

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MyWinston-Salem.com is the place to go for all your information about Winston-Salem. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant, we list all the best so you can look through and compare menus. Or maybe an Indian Restaurant, search for that. Museums, art galleries, and movie theaters, we have everything listed concisely with addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation. City services like bulk pick up, we have the information. What parks are nearby, and what do they offer? Check with us. Summer Movies in the Park? We will make sure you don’t miss them.

A view of Salem Lake and the pier
Salem Lake and the pier
Photo by Kathy Solarino for MyWinston-Salem.com, © Cover Story Media, Inc. 2023

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MyWinston-Salem.com should be at the top of your search list. And if there is something you look for that you can’t find, we want to know! You, our readers, are the best source of keeping us informed. If we are missing a subject we should have, we will work on that. We will add your favorite restaurant if we don’t have it listed. Contact us or let us know in the comments on any page. We love to hear from you.

What’s So Great About Winston-Salem

What’s so great about Winston-Salem? That’s what you’ll find out by browsing around the various pages of this website and visiting our Facebook page. You’ll learn that Winston-Salem is a green city and boasts one of the top Farmer’s Markets in the country. The low cost of living and high job growth make it an optimal place to live during these trying economic times. Each neighborhood has its unique qualities.

Winston-Salem was North Carolina’s primary city in its heyday, with booming textile industries and tobacco fields stretching as far as the eye could see. However, the Arts (think RiverRun International Film Festival and the famous NC School of the Arts) and the biotech and healthcare industries have taken center stage recently. Providing excellent medical care, great potential job opportunities, and phenomenal cultural experiences. We have all the pluses of a big city with a small-city feel.


Of course, the history remains. A visit to Old Salem or Bethabara will take you back to a time of horse-drawn carriages, cobblestone streets, wood-oven bakeries, and more. Don’t miss out on the famous Moravian cookies – baked by Dewey’s – the world’s thinnest (and we like to think tastiest) cookie! Take historical tours, along with people in period clothing, and witness how things were done before our modern conveniences. Learn and take part in old traditions, some still practiced today.

Photo of the outside sign of Mast General Store in Winston-Salem. A green sign with gold letters outlined in red says Mast Store. In the middle, in a red banner, it says General in gold letters. At the top is printed Since 1883. The building it is hanging on is sand colored with a green awning and has large display windows in front. Above the awning are windows for offices or apartments.
Mast General Store opened in Winston-Salem in May of 2015. We are the 10th store Mast General opened. We were very proud to be chosen to have the store here, and it helped bring traffic to the arts district downtown.
Photo by Kathy Solarino for MyWinston-Salem.com, © Cover Story Media, Inc 2023


Winston-Salem also has its sports scene with the Minor League Baseball team The Dash, a farm team of the Chicago White Sox playing in our own Truist Stadium, and the internationally known ATP tennis tournament, The Winston-Salem Open, being hosted each summer. The public courts are meticulously kept and frequently resurfaced. We also have our very own Demon Deacons; Wake Forest University’s men’s basketball team represents WFU in NCAA college basketball and competes in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

North Carolina Is Home Too!

Winstonites, as we like to call ourselves, love not only Winston-Salem – but the surrounding countryside as well. From the Yadkin Valley Wine Country – a growing and increasingly respected wine region – to the NASCAR events – to hiking in the Appalachians, biking along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and skiing or snowboarding in the winter, there is always something for everyone here.

If You’re Just Visiting

If you are visiting from somewhere else, you’ll be blown away by our Southern hospitality. The people of Winston-Salem are some of the best you will find. We know you will come to love it here as much as we do. And MyWinston-Salem.com can be a big help for you during your visit. If you are considering a move to the area, check out our Winston-Salem neighborhoods article.

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