Kathy Solarino

I am originally from New Jersey but now call Winston-Salem home. I am blessed with 3 sons, their wives, and five grandchildren. My husband is deceased, but I gained his two sons, their wives, and four additional grandchildren. I fell in love with Winston-Salem because of the beautiful area, the arts, the music, and the people. It's a city with a heart and soul.

Kathy Solarino
Team at escape room in Winston-Salem.

Where Are The Best Escape Rooms In The Triad?

Are you an ultimate puzzle solver? Can you find a solution by putting together clues and solving riddles quickly? Then, Escape Rooms may be just the entertainment you are looking for. In these exciting, immersive games, you and a group of family or friends work together to “break out” of a locked room within the time limit. See our list of rooms in and around Winston-Salem and choose one to try for your first adventure!

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A large group of people sitting in the grass outside on chairs and lying on blankets looking at a large white movie screen. They are waiting for it to get dark for the movie to start. There is a cooler in the foreground where someone brought their own drinks. There is a tent in the background where they may be selling refreshments.

Kids’ Summer Movies: 2024

Summer is here! Let the activities begin! So many exciting things to do outdoors during the day. At night, enjoy one of the many movies being shown around Winston-Salem. Many are free! Or take a break from the heat one day and visit a theater for a Summer Kids Flick. Don’t miss the fun!

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food trucks

Food Trucks Roll Into Winston-Salem

Perhaps it’s the Food Network show The Great Food Truck Race, paired with childhood memories of the sound of the ice cream truck, that has spurred the growing interest in food trucks nationwide. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled the trend is growing here in Winston-Salem. Here is a list of our favorite food trucks rolling around town!

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