Winston-Salem Leaf Pickup Schedule 2021

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Raking Leaves in Winston-SalemThat mountains of leaves can be a nuisance. So make sure you don’t miss the local leaf pickup schedule! The best way to take care of your leaves is to either blow them to the curb with a blower or pile them all onto a canvas and then get someone to help you lug them down to the street. You’ll want to dump your leaves just inside the curb.

Officially they’re not supposed to end up on the street, but, in our experience, we haven’t seen anyone put them on the curb and not on the road. Probably because if the wet leaves sit on your grass for too long, they’ll kill it.

Winston-Salem Leaf Collection Routes And Pickup Schedule

City crews will begin collecting leaves on Monday, November 1, 2021.

The collection will start in quadrant two and work clockwise. There will be three rounds of leaf collection.

Once leaf collection begins, estimated pickup dates will be revised frequently. Inclement weather, equipment malfunction, leaf volume, and other factors affect the pace of leaf collection.

Residents can go to to track the progress of leaf collection and enter their address for an estimate of when the leaf trucks will be coming to their neighborhood. Residents who do not have access to a computer can call CityLink at 311 (336-727-8000 if outside city limits), and a City Link agent will give them their estimated pickup date.

The city of Winston-Salem has a helpful section on its website dedicated to leaf pickup. You can see when the scheduled leaf pickup is in your quadrant, as well as which rounds of leaves have already been collected, and there is also access to order a new yard cart.

Leaf Collection Guidelines

  • Rake leaves to the edge of the yard by the curb (not in the street).
  • Remove all sticks, rocks, dirt, and other debris that may damage City equipment.
  • Do not pile the leaves on a tarp.
  • Do not collect leaves on a storm drain.
  • Do not park vehicles on, in front of, or near the leaf piles.
  • Leaf collection is provided for single-family residents only.
  • Do NOT burn leaves inside the city limits.

During the rest of the year, place leaves in your City yard cart and put them by the curb on your street’s designated collection days. Call City Link at 311 (336-727-8000 if outside city limits) to order a yard cart.

How many piles of leaves did your yard get this year?

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