Food Delivery In Winston-Salem: The Best Delivery Services Reviewed

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We have become accustomed to having our food delivered directly to our home or office if we wish and avoid facing the hassle of pick-up. It’s no longer a small luxury. Food Delivery Service is now the new takeout. It is easy, convenient, fast, and opened the way for a whole new line of businesses.

delivery person with a beard in a blue denim shirt handing a food order in a paper bag from a blue and black insulated bag to a woman in a striped blouse at the entrance
Food delivery has become an everyday occurrence for many people.
Rather than eat out, they have restaurant food delivered to their homes.

One such business is Takeout Central, a North Carolina-based company that has expanded from Wilmington to Ashville. It is a locally owned and operated family business that cares about customer service, not a large national company that sees you as just another order. They are customer-driven and represent a large number of Winston-Salem restaurants. They hire local drivers to order, pick up, and deliver your food (minimum order of $10) for a low delivery fee beginning at $3.49 (plus tax and tip).

Support Local!

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Informing our readers and supporting Winston-Salem and North Carolina-based businesses is what is about. We encourage you to use a local meal delivery service such as Takeout Central instead of one of the larger national providers. Not to mention, our personal experience with them has been far superior.

How Does It Work?

The website interface is very intuitive: you select a restaurant from the left-hand side, choose the items off of a menu that you would like, and then check out. The great part is you can order from multiple restaurants, so if someone in your party wants a dish from another restaurant, it can all arrive in one order. From our experience, ordering times are usually an hour or less. You can also customize your order to put in special requests like “no olives” for a pizza. The interface supports options on the restaurant menu so that you can add salmon or chicken to a salad with the click of a button.

Which Restaurants Are Included?

The list of supported restaurants is constantly growing and changing and varies by location. Visit the website for the most up-to-date list and menu interface.

Takeout Central Information

What Other Food Delivery Services Serve Winston-Salem?

The services below are other services at your disposal. They offer fewer restaurant options, although some of their supported restaurants are not included with Takeout Central, so it’s worth a look!

  • Grub Hub – is usually more expensive than DoorDash except for large orders. Orders of $75 and more can cost significantly less for delivery with Grub Hub.
  • Uber Eats – is not the cheapest food delivery service, but you can track your food from when it is ordered until it gets to your door with Uber’s app. And their costs are all listed upfront as you order.
  • DoorDash – is the most popular of all the services and the least expensive of the top three, according to surveys, especially for smaller orders.
  • Postmates – was recently bought out by Uber Eats but is still operating as a separate company. They deliver more than just food and are available 24/7.

A Time For Eating Out

There is a time for eating in and a time for eating out! Deciding where to go to make everyone happy is always the toughest part of choosing a restaurant. Looking through our list of casual restaurants and checking out their menus helps make the decision easier.

What type of experience have you had with food delivery service? Tell us in the comments.

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