Paul Schneider (Parks And Rec): Meet The Actor

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The general public may still best know Paul Schneider as Mark Brendanawicz from Parks and Recreation. Even though that was well over ten years ago, Paul has 40 other movies and TV series to his credit, including a new TV show, Florida Man, beginning April 13, 2023. 

Still, Paul Schneider is not a Hollywood star name, and he doesn’t seek to be. So, who is Paul Schneider?

Paul Schneider dressed in a beat-up denim jacket outside a city building from the movie Goodbye To All That.

Who Is Paul Schneider?

Raised in NC, Paul attended NC State School of the Arts to study filmmaking. He has no formal training as an actor, but he has a love for quality films. He has more than 20 years of on-screen acting experience.  

He has been married to Theresa Schneider since 2016. The couple has one daughter. Family is very important to him.

Movies And TV Shows

Paul Schneider is a writer, director, and producer, as well as an actor. In 2014, he wrote, directed, and produced a short film project called Straight Men/Same Bed.

He is interested in photography and enjoys taking pictures, and he likes to write and read poetry. These are some other outlets Paul chooses to express himself.

Some of Paul’s well-known roles include Parks and Recreation (TV Sitcom), The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Movie), Abandoned (Movie), Bright Star (Movie), Goodbye to All That (Movie filmed in Winston Salem), and The Divide (a 2014 TV series).

New Mini-Series Florida Man

His new Netflix mini-series, Florida Man, is about a disgraced cop forced to return to his home state of Florida for a shady mission, only to get swept up in a treasure hunt. Paul has a recurring role as Officer Andy Boone.

Why Did Paul Schneider Leave Parks and Recreation?

Paul Schneider left Parks and Recreation because the character he had agreed to play changed in mid-season. The writers went in a different direction. There was less intensity and contempt in the relationships between the characters, and he did not like who his character became.

Paul is selective in the roles he accepts. He likes to bring characters with substance to life, whether starring or supporting. And whatever role Paul plays, he performs it with star quality. When asked if he hoped a famous director would approach him, he said:

I’ll tell you the truth. I don’t wish for famous directors. I wish for evocative scripts.

Paul Schneider

Awards Paul Has Won

Paul has won several awards, including:

  • Emerging Master Award at the 2012 RiverRun International Film Festival for his performance in Bright Star.
  • Best Supporting Actor Award at the National Society of Film Critics Awards USA for his performance in Bright Star.
  • Best Actor in a Narrative Feature Award at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival for his performance in Goodbye to All That.

Everyone Has Their Part To Play

Paul Schneider is a laid-back, authentic actor who takes pride in his performances, but ego seems to have no place in acting as he sees it. He doesn’t believe in a hierarchy on set. Everyone has their part to play.

…what I’m interested in is the symphony. I’m not interested in being a soloist.

Paul Schneider

What Else Is Paul Up To?

In addition to a full and busy personal and work life, Paul is an ambassador for the Innocence Project, which is dedicated to exonerating “the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.” He received the Innocence Project’s Advocate for Social Justice Award in 2014.

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