Dog Boarding In Winston-Salem: Here’s Your Best Options

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You are excited about vacation, planning a business trip, or visiting family in another state. There is much to do to get ready, but one family member needs special attention. What will you do with the dog? That question is a major concern people must address when planning time away from home. No one loves leaving the family pet behind, but it is sometimes necessary. So, while your furbaby watches you pack and becomes anxious about you leaving him alone, you will be looking for the safest, calmest, friendliest dog boarding place you can find. Here are some businesses to consider in your search.

Dog boarding facility with outdoor area and trainer surrounded by big dogs.
Some boarding facilities offer playtime with other dogs of similar size and temperament, like in this outdoor play area. This is an excellent service for boarded guests.

Camp Ruff

Camp Ruff has been in business since 2019, but the owner has over 40 years of experience working with dogs. Primarily a doggy day camp, Camp Ruff also offers boarding accommodations. Said to be better than a commercial boarding facility, dogs boarded there stay cage-free in the home. They provide six separate sleeping areas where dogs sleep on their bed you bring from home. They have limited room for dogs that require crates. The dogs get lots of fresh air and playtime; water stations are in every room. Bring your pet’s food, collar, leash, and medicines if needed (an extra fee may apply).

Carolina Pet Place

Carolina Pet Place is locally owned and operated by Winston-Salem couple Chris and Anne Dunn. They know your pet is family and treat them as such. They provide a personalized experience offering maximum comfort, safety, and care for your pet’s well-being. They offer standard runs or a Pampered Pet Package, including one walk, snacks, and playtime daily. They also feature a menu of add-ons, such as backyard play, snacks, and plush bedding.

Charlies K-9 Camp

Charlies K-9 Camp provides a clean, safe environment for your pet. Vaccines are required. Each dog has their own kennel at night in a climate-controlled building. Weather permitting, your pet will enjoy the day outside alone or playing with a small group of other dogs. You can bring blankets, toys, or moderate-size beds or use theirs. You provide the food in serving-size portions and any medications your dog may need. They charge a straight per-night fee, with no additional charges for playtime.

Dog-Gone Fun

Dog-Gone Fun is not a traditional kennel with little interaction. During the day, dog guests participate in the daycare environment, where they can play and interact with other dogs and staff. At night, they are put in their personal kennel, fed, and enjoy the solitude. There is a potty break at 9 pm. The facility has a monitored security system and a private webcam system that monitors all the dogs throughout the night. Dogs must pass an initial evaluation day. There is a cost for that at Dog-Gone Fun. Vaccinations are required. You provide your pet’s food, or there is a daily charge. There is an additional complex care charge if your pet requires an extensive amount of medicines or supplements.

Dogs Anonymous

Dogs Anonymous, a dog training facility, now offers dog boarding. They only board dogs from one household at a time. So your pets will have individual attention, with no stressors from other dogs, making them a unique facility.

Dogs Barley and his sister Lily meet for the first time.
Photo by Michelle Schenker.

Hickory Tree Veterinary Hospital

Hickory Tree Veterinary provides a safe “home away from home” atmosphere with a qualified staff. They provide clean bedding, food, and water bowls, but you can bring your own if you prefer. Toys or personal items that are washable are also welcome. They can accommodate your pet’s special needs, administer medication, and follow your feeding regimen. Arrangements can be made to monitor senior pets or those with certain health issues overnight. Vaccinations are required.

Hound Housing

Hound Housing is a dog daycare and boarding facility. Your pet will participate in playtime with other dogs during the day in the inside and outside play areas. At night, they will return to their spacious kennel. Large rooms are available for larger dogs to stay together or family dogs of 3 or more in the same room. A cot is provided for each dog, and you can bring bedding labeled with the dog’s name. You provide your dog’s food and medication. There is no additional charge for administering medication. Daycare is included in the boarding cost. Dogs must pass a no-cost temperament evaluation and have vaccinations.

Legacy Boarding Kennels

Legacy is a family-owned and operated business that offers true indoor/outdoor runs. Kennels have a climate-controlled indoor area with a swinging door, so dogs can go out when they want 24/7. They are not boarded with other pets unless from the same household, at the owner’s request. In addition to a standard kennel, Legacy provides suites with twice the space inside and out and a space where your dog can relax and watch TV shows like Animal Planet. They offer other services for an additional charge, including playtime and grooming. They also board cats, birds, and exotic animals.

Riverside Kennels

Riverside Kennels has been in business since 2001. They promise to meet every pet’s individual needs, offering a safe, secure, sanitary, and comfortable environment. They have received favorable reviews.

  • 474 Fred Bahnson Drive, Advance, NC
  • 336-940-3959

Ruff Housing

Ruff Housing provides kennels that are fully ventilated, private, and secure. It offers a choice of boarding packages at its two Winston-Salem locations, which all include a half day of doggie daycare in the indoor and outdoor play areas. The standard accommodations include bedding, three mealtimes a day, and personal water and feeding bowls. Other packages have additional features, and there is a list of add-ons you can purchase, such as upgrade to full-day daycare. If your dog has special needs, they can create a specialized plan for you. Vaccinations are required.

  • 5648 Country Club Road, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-332-2466
  • 336 Witt Street, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-332-2489
  • Ruff Housing Website

Shallowford Animal Hospital

Shallowford Animal Hospital boards both dogs and cats. They keep them in separate areas to reduce stress. Dogs have spacious runs, constant fresh water, and soft, comfortable bedding. You can bring your own food. Medications will be administered by trained medical staff. Shallowford is completing its new facility to add more amenities for boarding guests, including more kennels and runs of different sizes, daily walks in their outdoor area, and text and photo updates for pet parents. Up-to-date vaccinations are required.

Willow Run Boarding

Willow Run provides heated and air-conditioned spacious, private rooms with adjoining runs, soothing music, and beds and blankets. Their boarding includes meals (you provide the food or use their food for an additional charge), fresh water, and two trips to their play yard. Additional services are available, such as individual playtime and nature walks. You are welcome to bring washable bedding and toys from home. Vaccinations are required. (Closed for maintenance 2/27 through 3/12.)

Winston-Salem Dog Care

Winston-Salem Dog Care, primarily a pet-sitting business, also offers luxury boarding. Pets stay in a home environment and interact with other pets and the family. Great for dogs who don’t do well in traditional kennels. The boarding includes playtime, socialization, and nature walks. Up-to-date vaccinations are required.

Winston Veterinary Hospital

Winston Veterinary Hospital offers boarding for cats and dogs 365 days a year. This boarding is great for dogs who are very anxious or have difficulty adjusting to traditional kennels. They encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite blanket, bed, treats, or toys. They provide high-quality food, but you can bring your own if you prefer. Fees are based on the size of the dog. Run-in-the-grass time is an additional service.

Welcome Home

The most exciting part of coming home from a vacation is picking up your pet at boarding. Joy abounds for both pets and families as they are reunited. Once you have settled back into everyday life, take your pet to one of the many parks in Winston-Salem. You can walk them on a nature trail or visit one of the dog parks at Mallory Park, Jamison Park, or Washington Park.

What is your favorite boarding solution for your pet? Tell us in the comments.

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