The Best Gluten-Free Restaurants, Bakeries, & Pizza In Winston-Salem

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It is not easy to live gluten-free, especially when dining out. Fortunately, most restaurants in Winston-Salem now offer gluten-free options, and many more have gluten-free menus. This change has made going to dinner a great deal easier for those on this restrictive diet.

A waffle topped with blueberries and whipped cream and a side of sausage with a mimosa
Gluten-free waffle with a side of sausage and mimosa from Famous Toastery.
Photo by Aniya Ellison for, © Cover Story Media, Inc. 2023.

Here, we list local restaurants and some bakeries in Winston-Salem that offer gluten-free menus or menus that indicate gluten-free dishes. While this makes ordering your meal less stressful, be sure to ask questions of the wait staff about the gluten-free procedures at the restaurant. You might even request to speak to the chef or manager about menu items, as there are less obvious sources of gluten like soy sauce and malted barley and the danger of cross-contamination of which wait staff may not be aware. Asking questions is especially important if you have Celiac disease.

6th And Vine

6th and Vine has the menu marked indicating gluten-free items. It includes dishes such as Spicy Crab, Artichoke Dip, and cauliflower crust for any flatbread sharing plate. They have outdoor dining on a large patio. Reservations are suggested for parties of 8 or more.

6th and Vine Menu

  • 209 W 6th Street, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-725-5577
  • Hours
    • Wed & Thurs, 11 am-8:30 pm
    • Fri & Sat, 11 am-10 pm
    • Sun, 11 am-8 pm
    • Closed Mon & Tues

Famous Toastery

Famous Toastery features eggs and omelets and offers gluten-free flapjacks, waffles, french toast, and bread for sandwiches.

Famous Toastery Menu

  • 770 Liberty View Court, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-306-9023
  • Hours
    • Mon-Sun, 7 am-3 pm


Hakkachow has a well-marked gluten-free menu and offers such dishes as Shrimp Fried Rice and a Singapore dish. They have gluten-free soy sauce, and the staff is very knowledgeable.

Hakkachow Menu

  • 615 St. George Square Court, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-893-8178
  • Hours
    • Tues-Thurs, 11:30 am-9:30 pm
    • Fri, 11:30 am-10 pm
    • Sat, 12 pm-10 pm
    • Sun, 12 pm-9 pm
    •  Closed Mon

Honky Tonk Smokehouse

Honky Tonk Smokehouse has a color-coded menu to denote gluten-free items. There are many dishes and sides, but the bread (buns and Texas toast) is not gluten-free. If a sandwich is marked as containing no gluten, it means the meat is gluten-free, not the bread.

Honky Tonk Menu

  • 145 Jonestown Road, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-794-2270
  • Hours
    • Tues-Thurs, 11 am-7:30 pm
    • Fri & Sat, 11 am-8 pm
    • Closed Sun & Mon

Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli has a gluten-sensitive menu, which includes a gluten-free garden fresh salad bar and build-your-own sandwich with gluten-free bread.

Jason’s Deli gluten-sensitive menu

  • 1005 Hanes Mall Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-794-0015
  • Hours
    • Mon-Sun, 8 am-10 pm

Midtown Cafe & Desertery

Midtown Cafe has a great, dedicated gluten-free breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. It includes soups, sandwiches, and specialties. Note that toast is not allergy-free because it is toasted in a toaster with regular bread.

Midtown Cafe’s gluten-free menu

  • 151 S Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-724-9800
  • Hours
    • Sun-Thurs, 7 am-8 pm
    • Fri & Sat, 7 am-8 pm

Mojito Latin Soul Food

Mojito features authentic Latin Cuisine. The menu has gluten-free dishes clearly marked and includes marinated fish (Ceviche), pork or chicken sliders, tacos, and Mojito bowls.

Mojito Menu

  • 723 N Trade Street, NW, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-723-7239
  • Hours
    • Mon, 12 pm-8 pm
    • Thurs, 12 pm-9 pm
    • Fri & Sat, 12 pm-10 pm
    • Sun, 12 pm-6 pm
    • Closed Tues & Wed


Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro provides a menu with gluten-free dishes clearly marked. The entrees include Modern Meatloaf, Shrimp and Grits, and Atlantic salmon. They state that most dishes are or can be made gluten-free.

Mozelle’s Menu

  • 878 W 4th Street, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-703-5400
  • Hours
    • Tues-Sun, 11 am-9 pm
    • Closed Mon

River Birch Lodge

river birch lodge sign
River Birch Lodge has a dedicated gluten-free menu.
Photo by Kathy Solarino for, © Cover Story Media, Inc. 2023

River Birch is very gluten-conscious and has an extensive gluten-free menu. It includes soups, salads, sandwiches, and entrees like River Birch Gluten-Free Lodge Pasta, Pan Seared Filet, and Cedar Plank Salmon.

River Birch gluten-free menu PDF

  • 3324 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-768-1111
  • Hours
    • Mon-Sat, 11 am-9 pm
    • Sun, 9 am -9 pm
    • Brunch Sat & Sun until 3 pm

Ryan’s Restaurant

Ryan’s, featuring steaks, chops, and seafood, has a menu marked to show items containing gluten. They offer appetizers, soups, salads, and many entrees and sides that are gluten-free.

Ryan’s menu PDF

  • 710 Coliseum Drive, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-724-6132
  • Hours
    • Mon-Thurs, 5 pm-9 pm
    • Fri & Sat, 5 pm-9:30 pm
    • Closed Sun

Thai Harmony

Thai Harmony offers a menu that has marked gluten-free dishes. It includes Chicken Saté, Panang Curry, Thai Style Noodle Soup, and Roasted Chicken.

Thai Harmony menu

  • 102 W 3rd Street, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-842-5532
  • Hours
    • Mon-Fri Lunch, 11 am-3 pm
    • Mon-Fri Dinner, 5 pm-10 pm
    • Sat, 5 pm-10 pm
    • Sun, 12 pm-9 pm

The Old Fourth Street Filling Station

the filling station exterior
The Old Fourth Street Filling Station has gluten-free items marked on their menu.
Photo by Aniya Ellison for, © Cover Story Media, Inc. 2023.

Fourth Street Station offers a dinner menu marked to indicate gluten-free dishes. The entrees include Smokehouse Chicken, Ribeye, and Grilled Salmon.

Fourth Street Filling Station dinner menu PDF

  • 871 W 4th Street, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-724-7600
  • Hours
    • Tues-Thurs, 11 am-9 pm
    • Fri & Sat, 11 am-10 pm
    • Sun, 11 am-3 pm (Brunch only)

The Sherwood

The Sherwood has a dedicated gluten-free menu if you ask for it. Also available is Gluten-free beer and cider. Tell the wait staff if your choice is a preference or if you have Celiac. There are different procedures for Celiac orders.

  • 3348 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-842-3345
  • Hours
    • Mon-Thurs, 11 am-8:30 pm
    • Fri & Sat, 11 am-9 pm
    • Closed Sun

Village Juice & Kitchen

Village Juice has gluten-free options clearly marked on the menu. The menu includes salad bowls, a black bean burger, breakfast bowls, smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices, and desserts.

Village Juice Menu

  • Stratford Towers, 205-0 S Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-986-9402
  • Hours
    • Mon-Fri, 8 am-8 pm
    • Sat, 9 am-5 pm
    • Sun, 10 am-5 pm

Village Tavern

Village Tavern, both locations, has a gluten-free main menu and a gluten-free brunch menu. They offer such items as salads, pizza, bunless burgers and sandwiches, fish, steaks, and shrimp and grits.

Village Tavern Brunch Menu | Village Tavern Main Menu

Hanes Mall

  • 2000 Griffith Road (corner of Hanes Mall Blvd), Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-760-8686
  • Hours

Reynolda Village

  •  221 Reynolda Village, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-748-0221
  • Hours

Yamas Mediterranean Street Food

Yamas menu is marked gluten-free and includes a build-your-own salad bowl with toppings, proteins, dips, and sauces. They also have gluten-free falafel and fries. Yamas has two locations in Winston-Salem.

Yamas Menu


  • 624 W 4th Street, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-842-5668
  • Hours
    • Mon-Sun, 11 am-8 pm

Hanes Mall

  • 1330 Creekshire Way (off Hanes Mall Blvd), Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-842-5668
  • Hours
    • Mon-Sun, 11 am-8 pm

Zito’s Pizzeria & Grill

Zito’s has a gluten-free substitutes section on the menu offering gluten-free buns, pita, falafel, and pasta. They also have a gluten-free pizza crust.

Zito’s Menu

  • 3030 Healy Drive, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-765-9486
  • Hours
    • Mon-Fri, 11:30 am-8:30 pm
    • Sat, 3 pm-8:30 pm
    • Closed Sun


Camino Bakery

Camino Bakery offers quiches, muffins, scones, and many desserts that are gluten-free. A sampling of desserts includes snickerdoodles, butterscotch blondies, brownies, vanilla cheesecake with fresh fruit, and carrot cake trifle.

Camino Bakery Menu

  • 310 W 4th Street, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-721-9990
  • Hours
    • Sun-Thurs, 7 am-6 pm
    • Fri & Sat, 7 am-10 pm

To Your Health Bakery

To Your Health Bakery has a gluten-free/paleo menu section that includes Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Biscotti, Classic Chocolate or Vanilla Cake, and Chocolate Strawberry Pie. They have other gluten-free dishes as specials. See their Facebook page.

To Your Health Menu | To your Health Facebook

  • 1263 Creekshire Way, Winston-Salem, NC
  • 336-618-5275
  • Hours
    • Mon, 8 am-6 pm
    • Tues-Sat, 12 pm-6 pm
    • Closed Sun

Check Out The Best Casual Restaurants In Winston-Salem

Some restaurants do not have a dedicated gluten-free menu or one marked with gluten-free dishes, but they will still prepare something gluten-free. Many times, you just have to ask. See this list of casual restaurants in Winston-Salem.

Do you know of another gluten-free restaurant? Let us know in the comments.

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