Best Chinese Food In Winston-Salem (2022): Restaurants, Buffets & More

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Kung pao chicken
Kung pao chicken! A Chinese food staple. Who’s got the best in Winston-Salem?

While there’s plenty of street-style Chinese food (think of the restaurants typically found in strip malls) Winston-Salem lacks high-end Chinese dining. That being said, there’s some hidden gems that deliver some really tasty dishes. And if you’re into P.F. Chang’s, we’ve got one of those too.

China Restaurant

The inside of China Restaurant in Winston-Salem, NC at the counter. You can see the menu, the kitchen, and the counter for taking orders.
No shortage of options on this Chinese menu? What will you order?
Photo credit: Khiry Sutton via Google Maps, June 2021
  • 2510 Somerset Center Drive, Winston-Salem (Stratford area)
  • 336-768-8898
  • Hours
    • Mon – Fri (11am – 8:30pm)
    • Fri – Sat (11am – 9:00pm)
    • Sun (Closed)
  • 3491 N. Patterson Ave., Winston-Salem (North Winston)
  • 336-744-1223
  • Hours
    • Mon – Thur (11am – 9:30pm)
    • Fri – Sat (11am – 10:00pm)
    • Sun (11am – 9:30pm)

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

egg drop soup jpg
This tasty egg drop soup is one of the items on the menu.
Photo credit: Great Wall Chinese Restaurant via Google Maps, May 2021
  • 607 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem
  • 336-721-0777
  • Hours
    • Mon (11am – 10pm)
    • Tues (Closed)
    • Wed – Sun (11am – 10pm)

Kowloon Chinese Restaurant

  • 2255 Cloverdale Ave., Winston-Salem (Ardmore/Miller Street)
  • 336-724-6768
  • Hours
    • Mon – Sat (11am – 9pm)
    • Sunday (Closed)

Kowloon Website & Menu

Mr. Lu’s Chinese Restaurant

  • 3430 Robinhood Rd, Winston-Salem (Robinhood Plaza)
  • 336-659-8868
  • Hours
    • Mon (11am – 10pm)
    • Tues (Closed)
    • Wed – Sun (11am – 10pm)
  • 1479 New Walkertown Road, Winston-Salem (East Winston)
  • 336-725-9969
  • Hours
    • Mon (10:30am – 9:15pm)
    • Tues (Closed)
    • Wed – Thurs (10:30am – 9:15pm)
    • Fri – Sat (10:30am – 10:15pm)
    • Sun (10:30am – 9:15pm)

Mr Lu’s Menu

No. 1 Chinese Restaurant

  • 2822 University Pkwy (WFU/Coliseum area)
  • 336-727-8883
  • Hours
    • Monday (Closed)
    • Tue – Thurs (11am – 10pm)
    • Fri – Sat (11am – 10:30pm)
    • Sun (11am – 10pm)

No. 1 Chinese Website & Menu

Peking Chinese Restaurant

peking chinese restaurant jpg
Peking Chinese Restaurant is fun and festive inside!
Photo credit: Peking Chinese Restaurant via Google Maps, May 2021
  • 3214 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem (Silas Creek/Peters Creek)
  • 336-659-0295
  • Hours
    • Mon (10:30am – 10:15pm)
    • Tues (Closed)
    • Wed – Thurs (10:30am – 10:15pm)
    • Fri – Sat (10:30am – 10:45pm)
    • Sun (11:30am – 9:45pm)

Peking Chinese Website & Menu

Szechuan Palace

  • 3048 Healy Drive, Winston-Salem (Stratford)
  • 336-768-7123
  • Hours
    • Mon (Closed)
    • Tues – Thurs (11am – 9:30pm)
    • Fri (11am – 10pm)
    • Sat (12pm – 10pm)
    • Sun (12pm – 9pm)

Szechuan Palace Menu

What’s Your Favorite Chinese Restaurant in Winston-Salem?

While these are some of our personal favorites, we’d love to hear what yours is! Let us know in the comments. We’ll be adding to this article shortly and providing a more extensive list of Chinese cuisine available in the region.

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